Savage Poultry Inc.

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Savage Poultry, Inc.
1310 Pine St.
Delmar, MD 21875

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tel. 251-970-5271
toll free. 866-3SAVAGE
fax. 251-970-5273
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Maryland Office:

tel. 410-543-7900
toll free. 866-2SAVAGE
fax. 410-543-8919
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Tennessee Office:

toll free. 800-869-3854
fax. 901-756-2510
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Full Service  Provider of Proteins  Worldwide

1310 PINE ST

Delmar , MD 21875-2332


Savage Poultry, Inc. enjoys over 100 years of combined experience in the meat and poultry industries. Since its inception, the company has evolved from a small poultry trading company into a multi-million dollar, international provider of proteins.

With operations across the country and contacts around the world, the Sales and Marketing team at Savage Poultry, Inc. is able to provide customers and suppliers with vast product lines and up to the minute market information. We have traveled the globe and have first hand knowledge and experience enabling us to provide comprehensive insight into numerous markets.

The customer base at Savage Poultry, Inc. runs the gamut throughout the entire industry to include, processors, further processors, wholesalers, exporters, food service, major retail chains, as well as discount grocers. Our extensive knowledge and expertise allows customers to access a plethora of products and product lines and we are continuously communicating with suppliers to keep informed of new products being developed.

Savage Poultry, Inc. maintains long valued relationships with processors and further processors alike throughout the meat and poultry industries. These relationships enable our sales team to provide customers with highest quality, name brand products while meeting delivery schedules and the ever-changing logistical challenges faced in the food industry.


Our team at Savage Poultry, Inc. enjoys over 100 years of combined experience throughout the meat and poultry industries. 

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Ginger Trader

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